Capture The X Jury Members

  • Rakesh Kiran Pulapa
    Night Photography
    He's clicked pictures around the world. And his perspectives will wow you.
  • Sachin Rai
    Macro Photography
    His wildlife photography has been featured in national and international media.
  • Vineet Vohra
    Shape of X Photography
    A street photographer par excellence,he's currently busy conducting workshops around the globe.
  • Aamir Wani
    motion Photography
    This Instagram sensation considers himself more storyteller than photographer.

Our first four vivoXplorers!
Our winners come from different walks of life but all have one thing in common – their love for photography.

  • Satyam Bhuyan
    Travel Photographer
    Night Photography
    He frames the true beauty of life like none other.

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  • Mahesh
    Nature Photographer
    Shape of X Photography
    Life is in constant motion and he captures every move with perfection.

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  • Sasi Kumar
    Macro Photographer
    Macro Photography
    To find a new perspective in finer details is what gives him utter joy!

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  • Shubhayu Dasgupta
    Street Photographer
    motion Photography
    The true spirit of life is captured behind the lens and he embraces it with undeterred passion.

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